Transforming customer relationships with the Digital Sales Toolkit

If your business relies on field-based sales teams to sell your product - how can you be sure they’re all speaking the same language? The Digital Sales Toolkit helps you tell ‘one version of the truth’

This unique sales tool - developed by The Foundry - allows you to create customer presentations with content that updates automatically from one centrally controlled database. 

This is a simple-to-use asset management tool with a modular design meaning you can add custom features and content to help your products sell - for example product catalogues, market data and trends, seasonal promotions, education and training, pricelists and much more.

Best of all, because the Digital Sales Toolkit is installed on your sales people’s tablets and laptops, they don’t need a web connection when with customers. In other words, it works online and offline. 

Built-in user analytics means you can also keep a close track on popular content and what’s being shared with your customers - so you can see what’s selling and what content is helping it sell.

The digital sales toolkit - informed sales teams, engaged customers and increased sales. 

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Mark Bottomley

Mark Bottomley


It isn’t just luck that our festival-loving, Northern Irish MD has a history of turning clients’ fortunes around.