Are you wondering if email marketing is still a relevant channel in 2017?

Are you wondering if email marketing is still a relevant channel in 2017?

Are you wondering if email marketing is still a relevant channel in 2017? Especially given how long it’s been around - and considering all the other targeted digital marketing channels now available.

Well, the good news is yes!

Email marketing is more than just relevant in 2017 - it’s fundamental to a business’s success in lead generation and communication. It is still considered the top performer when compared to social media marketing, search and offline – now there’s an interesting stat!

What we all want from our campaigns is leads - and for this, email marketing outperforms its competitors, according to Kiss Metrics. In their recent study, paid search and online advertising were less than half as effective as email marketing. Social media marketing also struggled to impress, while content marketing – a relatively newcomer in the digital marketing space - is performing well but it hasn’t taken the top spot. This belongs to email marketing, and here are some reasons why:

Email marketing is cost-effective and trusted. It’s easy to implement, completely measurable and, if done correctly, it drives insights into consumer behaviour and how your brand engages with its customers. Over time, you learn how to get better conversion (more opens and clicks) and which of your messages resonate the most. These actionable insights can then be used within all your marketing channels, both on- and off-line. This then helps to improve the overall marketing mix.

Over the years, the percent of online consumption has steadily increased, with around 51% of shoppers making their purchases online. Therefore, by making your content directly available for your customers, via email marketing, you are increasing your chances of raising awareness and attracting new ones. Ultimately, the only way your business grows is by being visible and by having old and new customers who are engaged with your message.

List building is an important part of any email strategy and, as you refine your approach, you can build a valuable segmented email list. It is important to consider how all your other digital channels can also play their part in developing and building these lists.

The importance of mobile

Today, there are roughly 2 billion people who own a smartphone and use it daily - allowing businesses to have a direct access to customers. Imagine launching a new product and, in a matter of seconds and with a click on their smartphones, they can purchase it.

By formatting your email for mobile devices, you create a direct link and communication to your customers. This ‘proximity’ generates more opportunities to expand and grow your business while creating a lasting relationship. By being immediately available to your consumer, you cut some of the time-consuming steps that discourage the customer from acting. As a result, this gives your customer endless opportunities to find your business through the touch of a screen. Whenever and wherever they want.

Using an agency to help develop your email marketing strategy

Multiple factors come into play when marketing your business, which might discourage owners from investing in these services. Maybe you don’t have to the time to create the online campaigns. Or maybe you don’t think there is enough content to create campaigns. When you hire an agency, such as The Foundry, to help you strategise your email marketing campaign, you are investing in a long-term service that can only benefit your business, both immediately and in the future.

There is no logical reason why you shouldn’t try email marketing to help your business grow.

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